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Fully Customized Estimating, Scheduling and Customer Management Software for the Paving and Sealcoating Industry and for Roofing Professionals

"Customized for the Way You Do Business, by Experienced, Professional Software Developers with years of experience developing software systems for the paving and sealcoating industry and for Roofing Contractors."


Leads & Appointments

Enter leads from the office, pick them up on the road, or from anywhere. Keep track of where your leads are coming from. Schedule and keep track of appointments.

Estimating & JobScheduling

Quickly create estimates with easy to fill out forms built your way. Then, schedule your crews with the job scheduler.


Convert estimates into invoices with just 1 click. Email them from the system right to your customers.

Reports & Data

See what's going on with your company. We'll build the reports you want to see and use. Export emails and addresses for marketing.
If I'm not a techie (ok, maybe you are), how can I get my ideas across to you?
We speak in plain language, and we try to make all of our clients comfortable, whether you have great technical knowledge or not. We know that your job is to successfully run your business, and our job is to help you do that with the software we develop for you.

Need something special?
Do you require features that you have not found in any of the solutions you have looked at? Run it by us, chances are,
we can do it.

How much will a custom estimating system for my company cost?
Less than you think. Each system is quoted on a job by job basis, but you may be surprised at how affordable having your own system is. And with IQ4Contractors, the price we quote you, is the price you pay. You would have to radically change the specifications in order for us to consider changing the development cost, and that has not happened yet.We will go out of our way to accomodate any changes you make without adding to the cost.

No servers required/no software to install!
Once your system is completed, we'll run it, maintain it, and keep it backed up on our servers for a low monthly hosting fee. All you need to use it is a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. If you have a compatible server, we can install it on your machine, as long as we can have the access we need to provide updates.

Who we are
was developed by FivePaws DotNet Solutions, LLC, a company that specializes in software for contractors. We've been doing this since 2006. We've developed multiple systems for various paving, sealcoating, roofing, and home improvement contractors as well as specialized applications for real estate, consulting, and pet boarding facilities. When it comes to developing systems for contractors, we know what we are doing.

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